Our Aim

Inter-Build Aid registered charity in UK. The objectives of this charity are the advancement of education, the relief of poverty and advancement of health primarily, but not exclusively, to Sri Lankan people through such means as the trustees see fit including giving of grants and the promotion of mutual understanding and knowledge of social and culture between people in Sri Lanka, the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Our Focus

IBA focus mainly on following three areas

  • Advancement of Education in particular providing skill development courses for un-employed youth and providing career guidance programmes both in Sri Lanka and in the United Kingdom
  • Relief of poverty programmes are designed to help the people who get affeced by natural disasters such as Earthquakes and Floods and other natural disasters.
  • Carry out health awareness programmes by means of workshops and clinics for the advancement of health.
Inter Build Aid
Unit 2
3rd Floor
44 Broadway
London E15 1XH
United Kingdom