Inter-build Aid (IBA) is a humanitarian organisation and we work beyond the borders of caste, colour, culture, religion and ethnicity in delivering its yeoman service. As a service provider to humanity the IBA does not believe in barriers and instead wishes to build bridges connecting people as one humanity. This aspires to be an institution contributing to build a pluralistic multi-racial society thriving on the bedrock of mutual understanding and social cohesion.

Bank Account Details

Name   : Inter Build Aid 
Bank    : Al Rayan Bank

  Acc    : 01206501
  SC      : 30-00-83
  IBAN  : GB87 ARAY 3000 8301 2065 01

You can donate using your debit/credit or via PayPal card by simply clickig the donate button at the top. 

Our Livelihood Programs

Providing traigin and necessarly equipment and support to start SME:
  • Goat Farms
  • Pultry Farms
  • Cement block machines to start self employment
  • Bakery equipments
  • Sewing
  • Hand Looms etc.

Our Skill Development Training programmes include

  • Air Condition technicians
  • Domestic Electricians
  • Automobile electricians
  • Welders
  • Plumbers
  • Media Lighting technicians etc.
  • Graphic Designing
  • Mobile Phone reparing
  • CCTV installers
  • Hotel managment

Impact of livelihood projects on underprivileged families

Inter Build Aid

Office 491,
182-184 High Street North,
London E6 2JA

United Kingdom